The Long Island Index has mapped almost 40 demographic characteristics for all 600 Census tracts to show how Long Island has changed since 1970.

The changes portrayed by the maps are described in a Jan. 2015 report by the Regional Plan Association [PDF].

Here's what you can do:

  • Move your mouse over the map to view detailed charts and graphs.
  • Select from the categories listed above the map — the map, the legend, & the detailed stats will change automatically for each category.
  • Use the timeline in the upper right:
    • click on any decade to display patterns from that year's Census;
    • click the arrow icons to change decades automatically  or manually   .
  • Click on a tract to "freeze" it. It will be highlighted on the map, & the statistics on the left won't change when you move your mouse or switch categories. Click the tract again to "unfreeze" it.
  • Share your map by clicking "Link" in the upper right.

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